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Practice-Based Training. Community-Focused Relationships. Dogs-First Mindset.

We are a full service training business specializing in one-on-one training, 
Day & Trains, and play groups — but our number one goal is to build relationships with you and your dog.

Educational enrichment that lasts. For the every day dog and their people.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. Our philosophy aims to meet any dog wherever they are in their training and growth journey. We'll work with them, and with you, to find the best solutions and practices that empower them to live their best lives — and for you to build the best relationship possible. 


For the Love of Dogs and their People



A nurturing setting for intentional play and socialization.

Small group outings for your dog! We are more than group play. Your pup will get plenty of exercise and fun, balanced with training in real world environments. 

We also partner with other local businesses to host these socials in fun settings for your dog and for you! Our most recent training social was held at Gentile Brewing in Beverly, MA. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram account for details on the next event! @thecaninecollab



Value-based training that meets your dog where they are.

Our experienced and devoted trainers provide one-on-one training sessions and curriculums that focus on the specific needs of your dog. We pride ourselves on living by the philosophy that meets each dog and owner where they are, and working to create an approach that balances education and what works best for you and your dog.

Among our 1:1 Trainings offerings, we're happy to provide private sessions that work with you and your dog together, as well as private play and train sessions and outings.



Building a community of dog minded people.

Every Monday through Friday, we host group training sessions with 3-6 dogs per outing. The sessions consist of bringing your dogs to stimulating and safe environments where we can work on basic, intermediate, and advanced training with them; that you can then implement at home.

We also offer group classes where clients and their dogs can learn and socialize together. Our goal is to provide a community where our clients can "talk dog" and our dogs can interact and practice their skills in a healthy, social setting. 


Meet the Founders


Training & Behavior | Healthy Socialization

Shawna has been training dogs since 2016 and has been working with them since 2011. She got her start as a daycare attendant and fell in love with the behavioral side of dog work. Since then she's attended countless seminars and courses exploring all types of dog training. Shawna served as a Manager and at her past two daycares, and played an integral role in growing the client list, business, and training offerings. Partnering with Lenyx and creating TCC has served as the most natural next-step in her professional journey as she continues to grow her skillset and build on her experience.

"We are working hard to provide a brand new vision in dog care. With an emphasis on training, we want to create a space that is welcoming to all people and breeds, that focus on bringing out the best in each dog and their owners."



Consulting & Events | Pet Care Specialist

Lenyx began her journey into the dog world back in 2011 when she rescued her first husky, Banx. He was the catalyst for her career into all things "dog." With an educational background in Business Administration, Lenyx has managed multiple dog daycares across the North Shore. She makes it a personal commitment to provide top-notch care for so many incredible dogs, and prides herself with always striving to build lasting relationships with their owners. Working with Shawna for the past six years ignited her interest in dog training, and she is now quickly growing her skillset and client base.


"Shawna and I quickly realized we had the same goals: to provide knowledge, training, and play, in a space where dogs and their people can be together to train or just to hang. I strive to create a community for fulfilled dogs and their people."

Ready to Get Started?


We're excited to have you join us! Please provide some details to get started.

In order to help us deliver the best service possible, we take our application process seriously — we'll review your info and get back to you within 48 hours.

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